Why Budget Poker Is a Bad Bet

Transparency about what you can afford is the only way to get the most house for your money Your new custom home is likely one of your biggest-ever investments, so you obviously need a builder you can trust. Ways to confirm trustworthiness include reading online reviews, calling references and noting the builder’s professional certifications. As […]

COVID19 – Health Concerns and Humidity Control?

Health concerns have turned homeowners’ attention to this question Health and wellness have seized center stage in the homebuilding world. This year’s coronavirus scare and lockdown made indoor air quality a top priority even among those who hadn’t thought much about it before, and most industry pros expect it will still be a priority after […]

The Finishing Touch for Your Home

At Designer Builders we have a saying, details matter, design matters. Millwork is a detail that is not to be overlooked—it’s like jewelry for your home, a well-placed accessory. Merriam Webster defines millwork as any woodwork manufactured at a mill. This includes doors, molding, trim, flooring, wall paneling and crown molding. Molding and flooring are […]